EDZ & Motorcycling

EDZ have been supplying their kit to motorcyclists for the last 25 years. In this time we have appreciated that when riding a bike the rider can at times be hot (when filtering through traffic on a hot day) and on the same day get cold (when returning home on a cool evening). The second issue a motorcyclist has is not much space to stow additional clothing and thirdly motorcycle clothing tends to be close fitting so not much room for additional layers.

EDZ’s solution is our 3 layer system:

First Layer – base layer

The ‘base layer’ is worn across all temperatures and conditions. When it gets warm it wicks away sweat and stops skin sticking to linings & makes for improved comfort. In cold conditions it insulates by trapping body heat.

Second Layer – mid layer

When it gets a bit cooler the ‘midlayer’ is worn over the base layer providing additional insulation without adding bulk.

Third Layer – innershells

In cold conditions a third windproof layer is worn over the base layer & mid-layer to reduce wind chill. As our Innershell is extremely thin so there is no bulking.

Appropriate Layers

It may sound obvious, but it is amazing how many riders go out on their bikes wearing completely inappropriate choices of outer layers for the prevailing conditions. So while wearing our Merino base layer, Mid-layer and Innershell work great with full ventilated leathers, don’t expect these leathers to be the best choice in subzero conditions where a textile jacket would do a better job. (Although the police do use leathers all year round and many use EDZ kit).

Innershell as a standby

It is boiling hot, you are wearing a base layer under a vented jacket – just the job. Later in the day its become quite chilly with a two hour ride home. Fortunately you have your EDZ Innershell windproof shirt which goes under your jacket & the ride home is made with out enduring early stages of hypothermia.


In addition to our garments EDZ also produce a range of functional accessories for heads hands and feet.

Your Options with EDZ

First Layer

EDZ All Climate: Polyester base layer that works in hot and cold conditions making it great for Summer and Winter

EDZ Merino: 100% Merino wool base layers. They work in the same way as the All Climate range but will keep you warmer in colder conditions and can be worn for a week without needing washing so ideal for touring.

Second Layer

EDZ Midlayers: are made from thin mircofleece that work well to insulate, especially when combined with our base layers.

Third Layer

EDZ Innershells are ultra thin, lightweight and compact.

Don’t forget your extremities!

In cold conditions we loose a lot of body heat through our heads, hands and feet. Don’t worry as EDZ have you covered.

Hands: Always try to get the best outer gloves that you can. EDZ liner gloves will work even better when teamed with a good quality outer glove. Always make sure that the glove liners are not too tight (EDZ offer up to four sizes in the glove range) and when buying the outer gloves make sure that you have enough space in them to fit your liner gloves in too otherwise they may become uncomfortably tight.

Second Layer

Feet: The same principle applies here as with the gloves. Try to get insulated boots and leave plenty of room for thick socks to be worn with them. Tight fitting boots and socks can cause restricted movement and discomfort.

Second Layer

Face & Neck: A simple neck warmer will reduce heat loss through these areas and stop draughts from entering your jacket.




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