Fenton Harrison Seabright

Fenton is a relative newcomer to motorcycle racing and has only been on the track for around three years, but he is learning fast and gaining important race experience.  During the 2017 season he raced in the Santander Consumer Finance KTM RC Cup 390cc, PreMOTO4 250cc & IMR Pitbike 140cc.  Fenton has shown the grit needed to succeed in motor racing, even continuing to score points with a broken arm, having his cast cut offer before racing and re-applied afterwards!50CC & IMR PITBIKE 14​0CC



Fenton & EDZ

The 2018 season was the first time that EDZ provided sponsorship for Fenton's base layers and accessories.  Fenton races in both Spain and the UK and it is hoped that our efficient All Climate base layers will provide him with the comfort he needs whilst in the saddle.  Hopefully this is the beginning of a long and successful partnership between EDZ and Fenton.

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