Kurt Burroughs, K66 Racing

About Kurt (in his own words):

Adventure sports and endurance activities have always interested me; anything that involves a challenge whilst being amongst the great outdoors has my attention. I have perused & competed in many sports (climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing cycling) that I think have a similar theme & I have always returned to my first passion of motorcycles. Watching the early Dakar footage in Africa when I was young (a long time ago ahem) had me gripped and amazed……..I have to try this one day!

A little bit of Dakar History:

The Dakar Rally was created from the near-death experience of French motorcycle racer Thierry Sabine who became lost during a race in the Libyan Desert in 1977. He was convinced that others like him would want to challenge their endurance, strength and persistence, and the next year 180 teams participated in the first Paris Dakar Rally, starting in Paris, France and finishing in the northern African city of Dakar, Senegal.   During preparations for the 2008 Dakar, four French tourists who had travelled to Mauritania to watch the Rally were murdered, allegedly by al-Qaeda terrorists. The terrorist group then claimed they would use Dakar competitors as target practice in the African desert. The organizers wisely cancelled the race and the following year, searching for a region with similar terrain and natural challenges, but with a safer and more stable political environment, moved the Dakar to South America. The first South American Edition was run in 2009, and it has been there ever since. The race is run over fourteen days covering some 10,000kms in total racing against the clock through terrain that includes everything from dirt and gravel roads and unmarked track, grasslands, mountain valleys, shifting desert sand dunes from sea level to over 5,000m.

With over 70 people killed since the Dakar’s founding in 1978, including the Rally’s founder the race is truly one of the toughest challenges man and machine can face.

Watched by more than 90 people million around the world, it truly is among the premiere automotive events of the year.

Kurt & EDZ

EDZ were pleased to strike up a relationship to support Kurt during his 2017 Dakar Ride.  EDZ kitted Kurt out with Merino Base Layers and neckwarmers as well the EDZ Innershell jacket.  We will keep you updated on how Kurt gets on and how our products performed.


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