EDZ worked alongside Uktantrail in 2015 by providing prizes for their SBU35 St Begas Ultramarathon race.

Who are UKanTrail?

UKanTrail organise and run supportive, friendly events and races, open to runners of all abilities.
These events are organised by runners, for runners and they pride ourselves on giving people the support they need, looking to provide a personal touch and introduce more people to the world of running, trail and ultra distance.

The main event in the UKanTrail calendar is their annual SBU35 St Begas Ultramarathon.  It follows a point-to-point route, from the heart of the Lake District to the West Coast. Based on the long distance route the St Begas’ Way, runners follow the route of the legendary Irish princess, St Bega, travelling between two chapels, that both bear her name.  Full race information can be found by clicking here.

EDZ &Ukantrail

We are currently working with the UKanTrail team who are busily organizing the SBU35 2016 race.  For some information please visit the UKanTrail website


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